Up, up, and away

I haven’t blogged in forever and I still don’t have a major urging to spell the status of my life at the moment, but I miss the reflection that doing this provides.

Tomorrow I head to Colorado to learn how to become a military pilot, and I am a little anxious. Hopefully in the future I will write more as this is very therapeutic; writing, editing and finally deleting up to what I’ve written now has satisfied me to cut this short and head to bed. Though, over the next month there may not even be time to write. I pray that I can rely on God more.


Professional divers moments after they leave the springboard at the FINA World Championships in Shanghai, China.


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Anger Management by Groupon

According to a recent study, more than 42% of people will feel anger at some point in their lives. If you are a member of this malcontent minority, consider the following techniques to suppress your unbridled rage:

  • Scream into a pillow. Then, take the pillow to an open field and shoot it, allowing the screams to dissipate harmlessly.
  • One of the leading causes of anger is discussing politics at the dinner table. Stop having dinner.
  • Write down what’s bothering you, ideally on your forearm using freshly extinguished match heads.
  • Avoid foul language—on Earth. In space, no one can hear you swear. This is why astronauts are looked upon with such contempt and suspicion.
  • Remember that the person you’re really angry at is yourself. Then, remember that children are a tiny version of yourself, and you may resent them freely without fear of damaging your own already-fragile psyche.

Thanks, Groupon Cat. Your hilarity has bought my free advertisement.